26 February 2009

Happy Birthday Stella Bella! **4**

What a day

Stella's baby blessing day

Stella was born on February 26, 2005. A typical Saturday, except that it was our 5 year wedding anniversary and I was already a week overdue. I was feeling funny so I drove myself to the hospital to be checked out, mostly expecting to be sent home. Joey stayed home with Bennett. It turned out I WAS in labor. An unforgettable day! We are so blessed to have Stella in our family. She is truly unique and makes us smile....and she definitely always has her own opinion. We like to call her Miss Contrary.



Stewarts said...

Happy Birthday Stella!
You are a beauty! I'm sure you are a wonderful big sister. Have a fun day!

Melissa said...

I love that you post pics on your kids' birthdays. It's fun to see how they've grown! You have a darling family!